“Excellent Doctor and staff. Very kind, caring and knowledgeable doctor and staff.
Dr.Ho is an Outstanding surgeon too. Very thankful I got in for my surgery when I
did. You all are a blessing and I’m so thankful for you all.”

“Dr. Ho and the staff at The Ear Clinic have been amazing. I was referred to Dr. Ho when I had a sudden hearing loss. Everyone has been so kind and helpful, willing to answer all my questions. Dr. Ho took my concerns seriously and sent me for a CT and MRI scan. He carefully walked me through my diagnosis and next steps. He gave me all the facts while being empathetic. I’m thankful to Dr. Ho, Linh, Kara and everyone at the Ear Clinic for their professionalism and kindness they have shown.”

Alyssa – Google Reviews

“We are working with Dr. Grewal and the service is beyond perfect, accommodating and professional. Nothing could and can be better. Thank you Dr. Grewal.”

Dirk and Mary – Google Reviews

“Just over month ago I experienced a sudden loss of hearing in one of my ears … and as soon as I was referred to Dr Ho, I had an appointment and treatment was initiated. The staff and Dr Ho have been very helpful, encouraging, and compassionate throughout this process. … the reception staff has done an excellent job of keeping me informed of appointments, keeping my work medical forms organized and just being friendly and professional. Dr Ho and his staff are very busy, but do not portray it when they are directly working with me, and I can only assume other patients as well. Thank you for the care and compassion you have provided in this stressful and frustrating time. It does make a difference!”

Kelli – Google Reviews

“Been here many times. No problems have occurred and the staff are pleasant.”

Chris K – Google Reviews

 I have experienced professional, informative and supportive help from the beginning. I wear prescribed hearing aids and recently had a hearing check/test in Jan 2023 at the Synergy Wellness Centre. This is the first time I worked with Dr. Ho’s clinic and Dr. Sandra Abed AuD*  …  Though I have been wearing hearing aids for eight years technology has changed significantly. Dr. Abed took the necessary time to answer all my questions and make sure I was comfortable using the new technology. I would recommend any of Dr. Ho’s clinics and if you have the opportunity to work with Dr. Abed … I would strongly suggest you take advantage of it.

Bill S – Google Reviews


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